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Top 10 Worst NRL Haircuts

Andrew Hendrie 1 Dec 2014

Brad Meyers.

With NRL action not due back on our screens for another three months, we here at thought we'd take the time to tackle the big issues in the game - like the top 10 worst haircuts that have graced a rugby league field since the turn of the century.

During our extensive research into the field of terrible mops we discovered that out-of-favour Manly winger David Williams could have taken up the entire top 10 by himself. But alas he had to settle for only the one spot.

There's plenty of other nightmare haircuts out there so let us know of any others that wouldn't look out of place amongst the following:

1. David Williams - Nothing more needs to be said except… Dat mullet…

2. Kirk Reynoldson - A cult hero of the NRL back in the early 00's - Genuinely one of the most feared beards in history.

3. Brad Meyers - Maybe only "Big Red" Brad Meyers can match Reynoldson in the beard stakes. Lets also all take a step back and remember that this guy played four Test matches for Australia…

4. Carl Webb - Queenslanders love it and everyone else hates it. Majority rules…

5. Todd Carney - Never mind "The Bubbler", this was the worst thing Carney did all season...

6. Daly Cherry-Evans - Old DCE's barber has had a shocker here… No wonder Queensland lost their first Origin series in eight years with this guy calling the shots..

7. Matt Peterson - Sideshow Bob gave us some pearlers during his time at the Eels. Here's a picture of him looking in the mirror...

8. Andrew Johns - The eighth Immortal is suitably placed on this just as prestigious list. We're hoping this haircut was the end result of a four-day bender in the Hunter back in the good ol' days..

9. Matt King - Is Dylan Walker sure he didn't lose his premiership ring in this bloke's hair rather than Sydney Harbour?

10. Fuifui Moimoi -  No top 10 list would be complete without this monster. English fans are in for a treat in 2015 after Moimoi and his mop signed for Leigh Centurions on a one-year deal.


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Top 10 Worst NRL Haircuts

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