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Horse rears up and exposes unsuspecting handler (VIDEO)

Rippa Staff 29 Nov 2016
  • Injured, embarrassed and exposed...but Katrina remains calm
Katrina Anderson holding onto Bid 'N' Bare

If this happened to you, what would you do? The girl in the photo is a brave, composed young woman named Katrina Anderson.

She's Kiwi-born, Auckland in fact, but came to Australia to work this famous sale.

Last April she was asked to lead a flighty yearling around the sale ring during the Australian Easter Yearling Sale in Sydney.

Now this filly, by Group 2 Todman Stakes winner Smart Missile from the sprint winner Tiffinco, obviously was over-whelmed by the constant yelling of the bid-spotters, the volume of the PA system which at the time had Jonathan Darcy auctioneering, and the crowd in general.

So with her ears pricked and taken aback by it all, she reared, quite unexpectedly, and came down leading with her front the direction of Katrina.

She grazed the head of Katrina with her hoof opening a wound.

Blood started to flow. But Katrina hung on.

As the filly's legs came down, they also grabbed hold of the blouse Katrina was wearing and ripped it right off, exposing her upper torso and bra to the world. Still Katrina hung on.

Unable to cover herself up, and with the auction continuing on, everyone got to see the black bra, yet in the face of the pain and the embarrassment of the wardrobe malfunction, Katrina bravely did her job.

The horse eventually sold, to BEM Bloodstock for $70,000, and was sent to the breakers.

"Everything happened so fast that day," Katrina said. "But afterwards, the studmaster was so lovely about it all as I had to get stitches in my head.

"And the filly is progressing nicely, I believe, and has been named Bid 'N' Bare."

Wyong trainer Kristen Buchanan of Group 2 winner Two Blue fame, has been entrusted with the job of training the filly.

Incidentally, Two Blue, who won $692,550 in prizemoney, has recently been retired.

As for Katrina, she's soldiering on in the sport....thankful her hero bra held up under both assault and scrutiny!

She's also quite the star of another sport - preparing for a tilt at the upcoming Commonwealth Games in the 800m in athletics. 

She's back home in NZ as you read this, training her heart out. her best time already is a world class 2.07.


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Horse rears up and exposes unsuspecting handler (VIDEO)

Video of incident goes viral after horse rears up and exposes unsuspecting handler

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