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Love Actually Sequel - Who is returning and what will the plot be?

  • Love Actually to return with a mini-sequel
  • What will the plotlines involve?

A Love Actually sequel is to be filmed but what can we expect from the mini-sequel in aid of UK's Comic Relief? 

It has been over 13 years since the first instalment featuring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, but what can we expect from the sequel?

We already know Grant, Liam Neeson and Kiera Knightley are among those to commit to a return, but what will unfold.

Online bookmaker has odds on possible scenarios:

The Love Triangle - Juliet, Peter & Mark

Not much is tipped to have changed with the chances a short $1.15 Juliet is still with Peter and $4.00 she gives Mark a chance, showing off her own cue cards is a $5.00 chance.
The Naked Body Doubles - John & Judy

No surprises here considering they never had their clothes on, John and Judy are a $1.10 chance to have kids and $1.20 to still be an item.
The Father & Son – Daniel & Sam

Daniel looks to have nailed down his Claudia Schiffer lookalike, at odds of $1.50 to be together with Carol but Sam is only a $2.75 still be with Joanna.
The PM & the Tea Lady - David & Natalie

They’re a $1.65 shot to be still loved up together and he’s a $3.50 to still be PM – Donald Trump visiting the PM is paying $101.
The Aging Singer & his Fat Manager – Billy Mack & Joe

Billy Mack’s musical comeback appears to be short lived with $6.00 on offer he’ll have another No.1 while marrying his ‘fat manager’ pays $34!
The God of Sex – Colin

Colin is still expected to be living it up stateside at odds of $1.85 and $2.20 to be happily settled down and married.
The Devoted Sister – Sarah

Sarah’s never ending crush on Karl is a $2.50 chance to finally come to a happy ending.
The Writer and his Maid - Jamie & Aurelia

Jamie mended his broken heart when he found Aurelia and they’re $1.18 to still be a couple and $1.08 to have offspring – Aurelia cheating on him with his brother pays $12!
Sportsbet are also offering odds on a full sequel being announced this year with the odds paying $3.25 for it to happen.
"Love Actually was one of the most successful rom-coms in recent memory and speculation is high as to what has happened in the years that have passed so it’ll be interesting to see where punters put their money down," said’s Will Byrne.

Comic Relief Actually Specials
$1.08   Jamie & Aurelia to have kids
$1.10   John and Judy to have kids
$1.15   Juliet to still be together with Peter
$1.18   Jamie & Aurelia to be together still
$1.20   John and Judy to be still together
$1.50   Daniel and Carol to be together
$1.65   David and Natalie to still be together
$1.85   Colin to still be in America
$2.20   Colin to be married
$2.50   Sarah and Karl to get together
$2.75   Sam and Joanna to still be together
$3.25   A full length sequel to be announced in 2017
$3.50   David to still be British PM
$4.00   Juliet to get together with Mark
$5.00   Juliet to use cue cards to reveal her love to Mark
$6.00   Billy Mack to have another No.1 song
$12      Aurelia to have an affair with Jamie’s brother
$34      Billy Mack and Joe to get married
$101    Donald Trump to visit the PM

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Love Actually Sequel - Who is returning and what will the plot be?

A Love Actually sequel is to be filmed but what can we expect from the mini-sequel in aid of UK's Comic Relief?

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