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Introducing Parnia Porsche - Travers Beynon's first ever Candy Shop Mansion Goddess (photos)

  • Parnia Porsche has been crowned as the inaugural Candy Shop Mansion Goddess by Travers Beynon
  • Porsche is a 20-year-old aspiring rapper from the Gold Coast
  • Excellent choice, Travers, excellent choice... 
Parnia with Travers this week (Source: Instagram)

Boys this is Parnia Porsche - the stunning brunette who was handed the honour of being crowned the first ever Candy Shop Mansion Goddess by Gold Coast playboy Travers Beynon.

Porsche, 20, was given the prestigious title by Beynon himself on Thursday and we have to say that he’s made a bloody rippa of a choice here.

There’s currently not much information on Porsche, however a quick google search shows that she’s an aspiring rapper that is based on the Gold Coast.

Here’s one of her singles that’s doing the rounds on YouTube - a collaboration with Chloe Diamond.

Stretching up midway shoot, because all girls know posing ain't easy 😤 @angelrileyphotography

Getting ready at the Versace to do the #candymans birthday entrance in a helicopter! Had the most unreal weekend, I felt like a true superstar with these crazy/beautiful people! Trav is the most awesome/giving/kindest soul it was a pleasure to preform our dance we've worked so hard on! #redhotpromotions #candyshopmansion @candyshopmansion #traversangels #goddess xo

Mad flow. Anyway, here’s what Porsche had to say about being crowned the inaugural Candy Shop Mansion Goddess.

“Had an amazing night last night being crowned the first @candyshopmansion goddess, setting standards since 2015,” she wrote on Instagram. 

“Absolutely in love with my new Limited edition Valentino bag! There’s 11 more positions to be won girls! It's not only about how good you look it's about your attitude, the way you carry yourself and you have to work hard! Building a brand is not easy, join the movement!”

Love these @buziosbikinis 🙌

Where can we sign up! Not to compete, but maybe be part of the judging process or something. Holla at us Trav!

Anyway, here’s more pictures of Porsche because I know you want them. Again, a marvellous choice from Beynon…

I'm a real bitch, diamond covered muzzle, & all yu hatin bitches always gon struggle x MUA🎨: @alistmakeupandbeauty 📷: @kounelliphotography

I can still smell them potent broken memories, guess that's how God kept me grounded, like remember these.

Fun little photoshoot with @juan_medina_jcm wearing @themadhueys 💕

You can follow Parnia on Instagram here. Go on, you know you want to...


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Introducing Parnia Porsche - Travers Beynon's first ever Candy Shop Mansion Goddess (photos)

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